WoW!! Disappointing Day 700 calories over my target even with a walk!

I knew today would be hard, it’s a rest day in my training so the amount of calories burned would be few. I started the day tough, smaller breakfast, filling lunch and then it was off to a class where they put chocolate on the table. I had a peice and told myself “I can be good, no more.” then I had another piece and thought “yuck, that didn’t even taste good.” I was doing well until my friend asked me to hand her a piece, so I had another. Well there were 4 different kinds so what the hell I had to have my 4th piece (200 calories that if I had stayed home I would not have had)

My next hurtle was my son was home visiting and when I went to drive him home he asked if we could stop at Subway. Come on, Jared lost weight eating Subway and is now worth 18 million, how bad could it be? (510 calories) Being strong in those two incidences  alone would have kept me in my range.

My big problem today was that I did not record food as I went along so I had no idea how many calories I had until I add it to MyFitnessPal this evening and  it was a good eye opener. I really need to look at calories before I eat and then determine if I can eat them.

My strategy for tomorrow at class? Don’t laugh but I’m taking a measured out bag of prunes (I love prunes and they are sweet) that way when I’m tempted by the candy I’ll pop a prune instead.


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