Another Book Review

This last weekend I had the chance to review the book Wheat Belly  by William Davis MD. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about food but was shocked to hear about how we have altered wheat to the point where someone from 100 years ago would find it almost unrecognizable. No wonder there are more and more of my family and friends discovering that they feel better without wheat. Most of the book said things I’m already familiar with, wheat consumption causes all sorts of negative things to the body. Inflammation, insulin spiking, diabetes, mood swings and more.

What I didn’t like about the book, and I had the opportunity to look at the accompanying cook book, was that I felt Dr. Davis contradicted himself. At one point he mentioned quinao as a grain not to eat yet it was listed in a few recipes. The big one for me was his including of sweeteners like stevia . The research used in the book Skinny Bitch stated that even though stevia is a plant the process they use to create the sweetener  uses chemicals that are not natural.  Why would I give up wheat and then put a chemically treated sweetener in my body?

Except for a few contradictions I enjoyed the book. It pushed me to do more research and as my journey continues to get fit I decided to take it one step further and go completely grain free for one month. In the last 70 hours I’ve only had 2 things that  contain a grain. And I will add them to my wall of excuses.


3 thoughts on “Another Book Review

  1. Hi,

    I’ve enjoyed booth of the books too. I think the author said about quinoa that it is ok if it is a rare treat. Quinoa,a gluten free grain has a medium GI of about 53 and is quite high in protein. So, not a bad thing to use it every now and then when you quit wheat.
    About Stevia … who says you need to buy the processed one. There is powdered Stevia plant in wholefood shops or even easier you can get your own plant and use the leaves. If you boil them you get a really sweet tea which can be used as a sweetener. Alternatively, leaves can be sun dried or dehydrated and made into a powder.
    Good luck with wheat elimination journey!


    1. Thanks Elena, I didn’t know that about Stevia! I’ve been wheat, no grain, free for 12 days so far so good! and thanks for being my first official comment 🙂

      1. Just bear in mind that powdered Stevia will make your food green. Hehehe … funny looking.
        Keep going!
        I post recipes gluten free and some grain free on my blog page. Feel free to visit anytime.


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