Butter Wars

In my continuing quest to get fit I’ve been doing a lot of research. Mainly I’ve been doing research about nutrition or “what should I eat”. The book Wheat Belly by William Davis sort of started a chain reaction for me. As I started to research alternatives to eating wheat I first came across the blog Wellness Mama (love) and I read things in her blog that  inspired me to keep researching which lead me back to the Paleo Diet.  So what does this have to do with butter? Well,  I love, love peanut butter and have been making my own all summer. I love it, my kids love it. but as I’m doing this research I’ve been reminded that peanuts are not nuts but legumes and legumes can be toxic (so sad I love black beans). So I made up my last bunch of organic dry roasted peanuts, enjoyed some on my grain free banana muffins  and did more research on what I can use to replace peanut butter.

First I read about sunflower seed butter and then random nut butters. I did have a partial bag of raw sunflower seeds so I thought I’d give that a try. Remember I said raw, mistake! I did read I should roast them first but was so excited to try it that I forgot to roast them. That batch was not good. So I added coco powder and honey, that made it palatable. Next I took the small bag of almond slivers I had and all of the left over nuts from last Christmas, mainly almonds, a few  hazelnuts and 2 walnuts. Well since the sunflower seed didn’t taste good without roasting I though I should roast these nuts. I roasted them too long and again needed to add coco powder and honey but then it was really good, you could still taste the burnt taste but that just added to the flavor.

Who won? Well sadly peanut butter is still my favorite so it looks like more experimentation (darn ;)) needs to be done to fine a nut butter that I make well and that I like.


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