16 Days and Counting

I have finished Day 16 of being Grain Free! On Day 9 I wrote a post that I never got around to posting. In that post I talked about how I really didn’t feel too different. Well all that has changed, I feel great! I had lost 2 lbs but as of my last weight in had gained one back but I did have a sugar fill day on Sunday. It’s not my weight as much as my mental state. I have been the type of person that when I get overwhelmed I have a hard time doing anything. It stresses me enough where I can’t prioritize and so nothing gets done. Since Friday (Day  13) you can’t stop me. I’m still not good at prioritizing but where before I would just sit and “figure out what to do next” now I can sit for about 10 minutes and I’m up doing something. I have a mental clarity that I don’t remember having before. I know it sounds a little hokey but that is how I feel. I also feel more optimistic and less stressed about things. It is a great feeling.



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