Why I Went Grain Free

Becoming grain free has been nothing but positive for me. I’m having fun making new foods, I feel great and I think, where it is more expensive at first it will even out. I even have a co-worker who went grain free around the same time i did so we get to share our excitement with each other as we feel better and better.

Though today when I was at the grocery store a gentleman asked me why I was grain free. I answered him but I could tell that he thought it was not a good answer. I gave the “wheat is so genetically modified that you don’t recognize it” and “don’t know what it does to the body” answer. I said I ate nuts and seeds. He said wheat is a seed…Crap, I had no come back other than,” well I just started so i haven’t done all my research, gotta go, good luck picking out your wild rice cereal.”

Well if you know me the last way I want to come across is as uninformed. So I revisited the web sites I did my research on and a few more and here is my list of why I am grain free.

Do I need more reasons? No and the best thing about it is I feel great!!


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