Sugar Detox Day 5

Lunch yesterday ended up being easier than I though. I had looked the menu up online before I went so I knew I was going to get the cobb salad. I also brought my own jar of dressing. I did good.

Today was not such an easy day. I woke up all achy, but I do have an old mattress and I did sleep on the other side of my body ( I wanted to see if I could even out the swelling under my eyes, it work). I also woke up with a slight headache, nothing coffee couldn’t fix.

I did some baking, roasted nuts and kale chips (snacks for the game, we lost) so I munched all day. Tonight is not so great. I feel light-headed, not hungry, and crabby. My headache is back and it is worse, I can’t have caffeine now. To make things worse my kids were eating pizza and munching on chocolate. The pizza didn’t bother me but I did looking longingly at the chocolate. So basically today I feel like crap but not so bad I can’t do things. I’m having a hard time focusing. My motivation to get things done is gone. And last but not least my eczema is back. I’ve been rash free for 2 years 😦

Despite this all I’m going to keep going. I know I will feel great on January 21st or at least have a lot of blog posts.


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