Sugar Detox Day 6

Yesterday was hard, I didn’t really eat meals, I ate food but I didn’t sit down and enjoy a meal. I did a lot of snacking yesterday and never felt satisfied. Today I sat down while I  ate my breakfast and dinner, I feel like I did less snacking.

I don’t feel quite so easily irritated like I did yesterday and less fog in the brain. I am having sugar cravings too. Not bad cravings but enough where I gave all the left over fudge from Christmas to my ex. The big thing that helped to-day was I did some yoga again. I really felt good after that. I’ve fallen away from doing yoga daily and I’m hoping this is what I need to get back into it .

I did have a big disappointment today, I was making bone broth and I must have bought some bad bones. When I baked the bones, first a clear liquid, maybe fat, not sure, leaked out of the bones and then when I put them in the crock pot the broth stayed clear. My other batches were a nice beefy brown color. I’m letting it cook until I go to bed, if it still looks suspect I’ll throw it out and start again. I don’t thing the dogs will get this bone either, just to be safe.

My copy of the new book by Chris Kresser, Your Personal Paleo Code, comes tomorrow. I can hardly wait. I’m hoping to get it read in a week or two, as soon as I do I’ll add my review. There are a lot of great reviews out there on the book if you can’t wait.

I did take a picture of my breakfast, sautéed garlic and red pepper with chicken and egg in bone broth. Looks gross but tasted great.

bone broth and egg breakfast
bone broth and egg breakfast

Dinner was Mustard Glazed Chicken (from 21DSD) and steam broccoli that I put butter and lemon juice on, it was wonderful.

Mustard Glazed Chicken and steamed lemon broccoli
Mustard Glazed Chicken and steamed lemon broccoli

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