Sugar Detox Day 11

Half way!!! Whoot!!

Yesterday and today I’m feeling a little tired and bored of this. I am not missing sugar as in chocolate or fruit, I realize my sugar consumption was habit not addiction. But I do miss a few things from my pre sugar detox lifestyle, ok, only one thing but yesterday I missed it a lot.

I had a frustrating day at work, I was trying to import apps for iPads into a program on a Mac (I’m a PC person) from the Volume¬†Purchase Plan, yeah I know, what ever, and it wasn’t working. I have done it before but it was like I was just missing one step. Worse, I was trying to show someone else how to do it so I was flustered. I am a media specialist in a very busy middle school library so while I was trying to figure this out there were lots of students that needed help. Thus frustration, not at the kids, I love the kids, at myself for not being able to figure this out.

On a typically day like this I would definitely have a glass, or 2, of wine when I got home, yesterday I couldn’t. I also planned on changing up my blog layout and again I just feel more creative if I have a glass of wine while I’m working. Not that the wine makes me more creative, it’s the ambience of the glass sitting on the table while I work. I’ve been substituting tea and bought some fun teas, green tea with strawberry, ginger, orange, mint herbal tea, my favorite Earl Grey and some detox tea. But a cup of tea just isn’t a glass of wine.

Other than missing the wine I feel great. I’ve been making the dishes from Diane’s book and have loved 99% the other 1% have been good just didn’t love them. My energy is increasing everyday and my mood is off the charts! I feel calmer yet with more energy than I’ve had in years. Counting today I have 11 days left and I’m sure that when I’m done I will continue to limit my sugar.


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