Day 16 Sugar Detox

I have a confession, today I choose to eat sugar. Why,  because I am just bored. I’m sort of done with the detox. I know I have 5 more days, but I feel like I’m at the point where all the benefit I was going to get I got. Now I’m not saying I didn’t benefit, I think I benefitted a great deal from this and I will avoid sugar again until the 21st but not as carefully.

The benefits of the detox for me were I broke the habit of eating sugar. I discovered a lot of really great recipes without sugar and without grain. I feel like my skin is brighter, I’m happier and over all I have more energy but I feel like I have obtained all the benefit I can get. I’m sure that if you tested my glucose levels or what ever else you might test you would see room for improvement. I won’t go back to consuming all the sugar I was before, like I said earlier, I have broken my habit. I will also avoid sugar for my last days on the detox but I needed this break. I needed a night to not be concerned about what I ate. For the record, it was just old junky Christmas candy so I feel crappy and it wasn’t all that enjoyable to eat. I just needed a 15 minute vacation from the sugar detox.


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