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I Really Wanted Pizza!

It’s been a slow rainy day and I decided to make some AIP pizza from The Primitive Homemaker. I’ve made it before and it is good. I don’t like to make pizza so much for its taste but more for the action of picking up a piece and eating it. I’d like to say the convenience of pizza is its appeal but, when you have to make everything from scratch convenience isn’t the right word.
I made my list of ingredients and headed off to the stores. Our local grocery store is the only one that I’ve found sells plantains, which I need for the crust. I was so disappointed when I got there because they were out! I asked if there were any in the back and the produce guy said “No, a woman came in yesterday and bought them all.” What! you mean someone else in town uses plantains, crazy person! Oh wait, that’s what I do when I go there is buy all the plantains.
I hit the other store that might have plantains, they had red bananas and some other little looking banana but no plantains. Now what am I going to do, this is a dinner that is kid approved. I went to the organic store and knew they would not have plantains so I just bought my kids a regular pizza, at least the ingredients were not GMO. For myself I thought, I could do a cauliflower crust, but at 7.99 a cauliflower I decided not.
I ended up buying the ingredients for the “no-mato” sauce the pizza calls for and made that anyway.

Getting ready to become "no-mato" sauce
Getting ready to become “no-mato” sauce
Then I threw some ginger, pepper, oregano and sage in the hamburger and made patties, fried up some onion and basil and made the closest thing to pizza I could and yes, it was very yummy.
Sometimes we just have to improvise.
Sometimes we just have to improvise.


I love when I cook a good meal.

My kids didn’t really have a choice in my move to paleo. I buy the groceries and I cook the meals so they are stuck eating what I cook. I’m lucky though, they are good sports.

With the move to the autoimmune protocol it makes things  even more restrictive for them. But there are nights, like tonight, where I make a simple meal, maybe add something I can’t have to the menu and everyone is happy. Tonight’s dinner (I wish I would have taken a picture) was simple and everyone loved it.

I cooked ground turkey burgers (with oregano, fennel, sea salt and garlic powder) served in on Romain lettuce leaves and cooked potatoes for the boys (not even sure why I have them) and sweet potatoes for me. The boys added mustard, horseradish and hot sauce I had avocado and coconut aminos. Yum.

I’m not doing so well.

Yesterday was my birthday, I can’t believe I forgot to write. I’ve only hit 3 out of 5 days.

I got the most amazing tool for my birthday, a Spiralizer . Today I went out and bought 2 zucchini, I tried all 3 blades, I like the one that makes the vegetable look like spaghetti. When my zucchini was cut I steamed it for about 5 minutes in my steamer.  After it was steamed I tossed it with ghee, lemon juice, salt and pepper. It was so good I ate it all. So glad I will be growing zucchini in my garden this summer.

Time to Get Serious

So I’ve been slowly changing my diet and lifestyle to be more Paleo, with all of the research I’ve been doing I don’t see why not. Since I gave up grains, legumes and cut way back on my sugar I continually feel healthier, have more energy and less brain fog than I have in years. I’m reading Chris Kresser’s book Your Personal Paleo Code and because of the information in his book I have also given up dairy. Things are going well but the one thing I was  hoping would  improve, the swollen bags under my eyes, either caused by blepharitis or rosacea, is staying the same. I still can not wear make up or my contacts. So I decided to go the next step and see a doctor that specialises in, I don’t even know what to call it, holistic medicine, functional medicine, basically someone who is not going to treat the symptoms but get to the root of the problem.

My first visit went as expected, a thorough review of my symptoms, a physical exam and lots of questions. I was very happy that I had a good rapport  and that she was easy to talk to. Unfortunately the expectation of a striker diet was also true; along with grain, dairy, legumes, I also have to give up eggs, lectins, nightshades and alcohol. Here is the hardest thing, I can only have one cup of coffee a day. I’m not surprised by any of these eliminations, I’ve done enough research to know that these are all typical food to get rid of when trying to calm down immune responses. Just wondering how I’m going to manage, I love my egg soup for breakfast.

The First Week:

Lucky you! You get two post in one.

The first week was really hard, hard because of external factors. It was parent-teacher conference week at my school so right there I had to plan for two 12 hour days. This was hard because I had already lost most of Monday night at the doctor’s. Also I had gone shopping for the week and many of the meals I had planned i could no longer eat. To make matters worse there was an extreme tragedy in my extended family. They live about 4 hours away and because of it being parent teacher conferences I could not go to lend my support. My stress level was high. Most of the week was a blur. I did drink some wine on Wednesday and Thursday and didn’t pay too much attention to eliminating all of the foods I should. I did continue to avoid the usual, wheat, dairy, legumes, and I added eggs but I did have some peppers and chocolate and like I said, wine.

I really don’t notice any difference in how I feel, but it was a stressful week, and I didn’t eliminate everything on the list. But starting Sunday, yesterday, I got serious again.

I had salmon and broccoli sprouts for breakfast,  I made a roast for dinner and had left over lamb/liver meat balls for lunch ( yuck, I don’t like ground lamb). Today was a little harder, I really wanted that second cup of coffee. I even spent 20 minutes on the internet trying to find a site that would say it’s ok, you can have two cups. Instead I read coffee is a seed, another thing I can’t eat and that it can stimulate your immune system. So no second cup for me. I also love to have herbal tea. I started looking into the ingredients and have found that most of the tea I drink has cardamom seed in it. I can’t have seeds so that knock another thing off my list.  After going through all the tea in my cupboard I ended up having Nettle Leaf tea, not crazy about it but it will have to do tonight.

Sugar Detox Day 6

Yesterday was hard, I didn’t really eat meals, I ate food but I didn’t sit down and enjoy a meal. I did a lot of snacking yesterday and never felt satisfied. Today I sat down while I  ate my breakfast and dinner, I feel like I did less snacking.

I don’t feel quite so easily irritated like I did yesterday and less fog in the brain. I am having sugar cravings too. Not bad cravings but enough where I gave all the left over fudge from Christmas to my ex. The big thing that helped to-day was I did some yoga again. I really felt good after that. I’ve fallen away from doing yoga daily and I’m hoping this is what I need to get back into it .

I did have a big disappointment today, I was making bone broth and I must have bought some bad bones. When I baked the bones, first a clear liquid, maybe fat, not sure, leaked out of the bones and then when I put them in the crock pot the broth stayed clear. My other batches were a nice beefy brown color. I’m letting it cook until I go to bed, if it still looks suspect I’ll throw it out and start again. I don’t thing the dogs will get this bone either, just to be safe.

My copy of the new book by Chris Kresser, Your Personal Paleo Code, comes tomorrow. I can hardly wait. I’m hoping to get it read in a week or two, as soon as I do I’ll add my review. There are a lot of great reviews out there on the book if you can’t wait.

I did take a picture of my breakfast, sautéed garlic and red pepper with chicken and egg in bone broth. Looks gross but tasted great.

bone broth and egg breakfast
bone broth and egg breakfast

Dinner was Mustard Glazed Chicken (from 21DSD) and steam broccoli that I put butter and lemon juice on, it was wonderful.

Mustard Glazed Chicken and steamed lemon broccoli
Mustard Glazed Chicken and steamed lemon broccoli

Sugar Detox Day One

I’m sure the first day is easy for most people and it was extremely easy for me. I did indulge on a little more sugar than normal yesterday, with it being New Years Eve and all, and I did pay for it this morning. My payment: more trips to the bathroom.

I started out my day with my typical cups of coffee. I had invited my parents over for a sugar-free, grain free dinner so I was busy most of the day taking down bits of Christmas decorations and cleaning in-between my preparing the meal.

I made a crock pot roast with homemade bone broth, carrots, celery and onions, it was delicious. For my sides I made mashed cauliflower, much to my son’s disappointment, he thought it was going to be mashed potatoes and herb biscuits. Everything, even the apple crisp which I messed up on, turned out wonderful. All but the roast are recipes from The 21 Day Sugar Detox.The apple crisp is not in the photo because it was still in the oven and when I took it out my boys ate it so fast I didn’t have time to get a picture.

I feel great, accomplished and full.

Oh and Happy 1st Birthday to my dog Bessie. 20140101-210733.jpg

Butter Wars

In my continuing quest to get fit I’ve been doing a lot of research. Mainly I’ve been doing research about nutrition or “what should I eat”. The book Wheat Belly by William Davis sort of started a chain reaction for me. As I started to research alternatives to eating wheat I first came across the blog Wellness Mama (love) and I read things in her blog that  inspired me to keep researching which lead me back to the Paleo Diet.  So what does this have to do with butter? Well,  I love, love peanut butter and have been making my own all summer. I love it, my kids love it. but as I’m doing this research I’ve been reminded that peanuts are not nuts but legumes and legumes can be toxic (so sad I love black beans). So I made up my last bunch of organic dry roasted peanuts, enjoyed some on my grain free banana muffins  and did more research on what I can use to replace peanut butter.

First I read about sunflower seed butter and then random nut butters. I did have a partial bag of raw sunflower seeds so I thought I’d give that a try. Remember I said raw, mistake! I did read I should roast them first but was so excited to try it that I forgot to roast them. That batch was not good. So I added coco powder and honey, that made it palatable. Next I took the small bag of almond slivers I had and all of the left over nuts from last Christmas, mainly almonds, a few  hazelnuts and 2 walnuts. Well since the sunflower seed didn’t taste good without roasting I though I should roast these nuts. I roasted them too long and again needed to add coco powder and honey but then it was really good, you could still taste the burnt taste but that just added to the flavor.

Who won? Well sadly peanut butter is still my favorite so it looks like more experimentation (darn ;)) needs to be done to fine a nut butter that I make well and that I like.