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Feeling Summer

Summer took a long time to get going in the MidWest this year. It seemed like it stayed cool much longer this spring and once the weather warmed up the rains came. Finally the last two days have been rain free and I’ve been able to get out to my yard and do a little work. My plans for a big garden had to be cut back because there just weren’t enough days to get the new part ready to plant. I will admit digging up the grass (I don’t have access to a tiller) was a little to daunting for me. Yesterday I did get out and after researching what seeds I had that could still get to harvest in what time left I have I got my planting done. I still had time to plant carrots, beets, scallions, cabbage, brocoli (maybe) and cucumbers. We had one part of the garden expansion ready so that holds the pumpkins and I moved my herb garden this year so I was able to plant zucchini and winter squash in the old herb garden by the rhubarb and strawberries.

But today, today was the day that summer feeling kicked in. Today the farmers market started. Ok so there were only 4 venders but I made a nice haul. Check out my Instagram photo, No I didn’t get the cat there, she is just really into photo bombing.This is the first time this year I had to cut the grass, my kids have been pretty good at cutting the lawn so this is the first time this year I had to. Now I’m just taking a break before I get back outside and weed my flower garden, Yup feeling summer.


“How can you do that?” and “How do you find the time?”

These are the two questions I get asked the most when someone finds out I follow the autoimmune paleo lifestyle. I guess for me both answers are pretty easy. I can do it because I’ve done the research and I can’t imagine eating like I did a year ago. The thought of putting GMO, processed food into my body just makes me cringe. Do I miss it? No! I really don’t. I have found other favorite foods to replace all my old ones. Maybe because I’m full right now ( just had one of my favorite snacks of plantain chips and guacamole) but I can’t think of anything I truly miss, maybe chocolate but not that much. I have had so much fun trying all these other dishes that have such rich flavors that I feel satisfied. I think that because I know exactly what I’m putting in my body and am learning how it works with my body that I’m more satisfied than eating a bag of corn chips with fake cheese in a jar. ( I use to eat a whole jar and most of a bag of chips in one sitting)

How do I find the time? I lucked out, cooking and living this way has become a passion for me. So what if I have to make my toothpaste before I can brush my teeth. Dinner takes longer and I dirty more dishes but I find it relaxing and fun. Part of this life style is to have more fun. And a lot of things don’t take as long as they sound. Bone broth? 10 minutes to get it in the crock pot and maybe 30 minutes when it’s done to get into jars. Sauerkraut 20 minutes tops, kombucha, again 20 minutes.

The hardest thing for me is the amount of money I spend on groceries. I’m slowly learning to cook less expensive meats like ground turkey and canned tuna. I only buy the dirty dozen organic and I try not to snack so much. (I don’t snack because I’m hungry but because it is an old habit.) It’s also hard to have food around that my boys will snack on. Kids love to be able to just grab something and eat it. They are getting use to grabbing carrots or apples but I know they wish there were chips and pop around.

The biggest reason I can do this and find the time to do it is because I am healing. My eyes are getting better, though slightly, they are getting better. I am not always perfect, like today when I had a bar that did have nuts in it or there are days I just eat too much. I don’t get outside enough and I need to reduce my stress, a lot!! Every week I do feel stronger, more organized and like I’m getting closer to the finish line. Not that when I get there I will eat non paleo but when I get there I won’t have to think so much about what is and what is not; Paleo will be normal.

I love when I cook a good meal.

My kids didn’t really have a choice in my move to paleo. I buy the groceries and I cook the meals so they are stuck eating what I cook. I’m lucky though, they are good sports.

With the move to the autoimmune protocol it makes things  even more restrictive for them. But there are nights, like tonight, where I make a simple meal, maybe add something I can’t have to the menu and everyone is happy. Tonight’s dinner (I wish I would have taken a picture) was simple and everyone loved it.

I cooked ground turkey burgers (with oregano, fennel, sea salt and garlic powder) served in on Romain lettuce leaves and cooked potatoes for the boys (not even sure why I have them) and sweet potatoes for me. The boys added mustard, horseradish and hot sauce I had avocado and coconut aminos. Yum.

My Kombucha

I have successfully brewed my first batch of Kombucha. I have read and heard that formented foods are great for those with auto immune issues.  I started with a store bought bottle  and my SCOBY is growing. I’m very excited about my Kombucha and look forward to drinking some every day when I get home from work. This morning there was a note from my son that asked if he could have some, it was hard to say yes, I’m a little selfish about it. When I got home from work he had drank maybe a sip and left me a note about how dangerous home brewed Kombucha can be. I did a little research and I disagree. Does anyone have some good research on this so I can set his mind at ease? I don’t care if he drinks it, I just want him to feel comfortable with me drinking it.

I’m not doing so well.

Yesterday was my birthday, I can’t believe I forgot to write. I’ve only hit 3 out of 5 days.

I got the most amazing tool for my birthday, a Spiralizer . Today I went out and bought 2 zucchini, I tried all 3 blades, I like the one that makes the vegetable look like spaghetti. When my zucchini was cut I steamed it for about 5 minutes in my steamer.  After it was steamed I tossed it with ghee, lemon juice, salt and pepper. It was so good I ate it all. So glad I will be growing zucchini in my garden this summer.

I can’t believe I missed a day already!

As I write the beginning of a snow storm is  starting outside my window, 5-9 inches. Tomorrow is my birthday and I knew the snow was going to start today so I had to go shopping for my birthday dinner ingredients yesterday. I left work and hit the stores. I got home unloaded the car, threw a load of clothes in the washer and left to pick my dad up for church. I was feeling pretty good.

I go home around 8:00, went to put the clothes from the washer to the drier only to find the suds-tub was clogged and my basement was flooded. 2 hours later most of the water was cleaned up so I started the washer again. Halfway through that wash cycle I remembered I hadn’t un-clogged the suds-tub, yup, the basement was flooded again, I didn’t feel like posting yesterday.

A Month of Daily Blogging

I know it has been a long time since I’ve posted anything but it’s not because I haven’t had great blog posts ideas. It’s because I’ve had great blog post ideas but never sat my butt down to write them. Well this April I’m committing myself to posting every day, whether I have a good post idea or not. Some days maybe very organized and interesting, some days not so much.

I’ve been doing the Auto Immune Protocol diet for almost 2 months. I’ve had my good days and my bad. More of my symptoms have gone away but the two that bother me the most are staying put. My eyes and my body always feels swollen. I’ll post some pictures of my eyes tomorrow or Thursday.

More tomorrow.