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I’ve Moved!

I wanted to be able to do a few more things with my blog so I’ve moved to Please come and follow me there and on my new Facebook page Almost Paleo.


My Kombucha

I have successfully brewed my first batch of Kombucha. I have read and heard that formented foods are great for those with auto immune issues.  I started with a store bought bottle  and my SCOBY is growing. I’m very excited about my Kombucha and look forward to drinking some every day when I get home from work. This morning there was a note from my son that asked if he could have some, it was hard to say yes, I’m a little selfish about it. When I got home from work he had drank maybe a sip and left me a note about how dangerous home brewed Kombucha can be. I did a little research and I disagree. Does anyone have some good research on this so I can set his mind at ease? I don’t care if he drinks it, I just want him to feel comfortable with me drinking it.

I’m not doing so well.

Yesterday was my birthday, I can’t believe I forgot to write. I’ve only hit 3 out of 5 days.

I got the most amazing tool for my birthday, a Spiralizer . Today I went out and bought 2 zucchini, I tried all 3 blades, I like the one that makes the vegetable look like spaghetti. When my zucchini was cut I steamed it for about 5 minutes in my steamer.  After it was steamed I tossed it with ghee, lemon juice, salt and pepper. It was so good I ate it all. So glad I will be growing zucchini in my garden this summer.

A Week Down

To be honest I’m not sure when I truly started. I took my first set of pictures on a Saturday and started MyFitnessPal on that Monday, either day I’m very disappointed. I thought the first week I would lose like 3-4 pounds, just the shock of eating less and working out more would freak my body out and I’d be on my way. Well… it didn’t work out the way, I weight the same.  I did drop a pound and gained it back. Why????  I’ve been more active this week than the whole month of May. I’ve been eating purposely, paying attention to calories avoiding food that tempts me. This is where my motivation wants to get up and leave.

Okay, okay, I hear ya!! You have gained muscle and muscle weights more than fat, maybe, maybe, I’m just destine to weight 140 lbs from this point on, ever think of that? Well to prove me or you right I did add taking my measurements yesterday, and that was painful.

As much as I want to give up and go eat four of the delicious rhubarb muffins I made last night I will carry on and look at the one positive  ? I got from tracking my food. I realized I don’t eat very much protein and I eat a lot of carbohydrates. I need to look up what a healthy balance is for my age, gender, weight. If you have a good resource, let me know

WoW!! Disappointing Day 700 calories over my target even with a walk!

I knew today would be hard, it’s a rest day in my training so the amount of calories burned would be few. I started the day tough, smaller breakfast, filling lunch and then it was off to a class where they put chocolate on the table. I had a peice and told myself “I can be good, no more.” then I had another piece and thought “yuck, that didn’t even taste good.” I was doing well until my friend asked me to hand her a piece, so I had another. Well there were 4 different kinds so what the hell I had to have my 4th piece (200 calories that if I had stayed home I would not have had)

My next hurtle was my son was home visiting and when I went to drive him home he asked if we could stop at Subway. Come on, Jared lost weight eating Subway and is now worth 18 million, how bad could it be? (510 calories) Being strong in those two incidences  alone would have kept me in my range.

My big problem today was that I did not record food as I went along so I had no idea how many calories I had until I add it to MyFitnessPal this evening and  it was a good eye opener. I really need to look at calories before I eat and then determine if I can eat them.

My strategy for tomorrow at class? Don’t laugh but I’m taking a measured out bag of prunes (I love prunes and they are sweet) that way when I’m tempted by the candy I’ll pop a prune instead.

Day 2

So according to MyFitnessPal, I was under my calories yesterday, running 5 miles definitely helped with that. I ran yesterday morning and so I had all day to know how many calories I could eat. I have not worked out today so I’m struggling trying not to eat too much. Today is a cross-training day and I picked biking. I hate biking in town but I hate being out in the country by myself so in town it will be. I can’t leave until about 7 because it is too hot, no really. I also will be walking the dogs, there’s another 100 calories.  🙂