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Feeling Summer

Summer took a long time to get going in the MidWest this year. It seemed like it stayed cool much longer this spring and once the weather warmed up the rains came. Finally the last two days have been rain free and I’ve been able to get out to my yard and do a little work. My plans for a big garden had to be cut back because there just weren’t enough days to get the new part ready to plant. I will admit digging up the grass (I don’t have access to a tiller) was a little to daunting for me. Yesterday I did get out and after researching what seeds I had that could still get to harvest in what time left I have I got my planting done. I still had time to plant carrots, beets, scallions, cabbage, brocoli (maybe) and cucumbers. We had one part of the garden expansion ready so that holds the pumpkins and I moved my herb garden this year so I was able to plant zucchini and winter squash in the old herb garden by the rhubarb and strawberries.

But today, today was the day that summer feeling kicked in. Today the farmers market started. Ok so there were only 4 venders but I made a nice haul. Check out my Instagram photo, No I didn’t get the cat there, she is just really into photo bombing.This is the first time this year I had to cut the grass, my kids have been pretty good at cutting the lawn so this is the first time this year I had to. Now I’m just taking a break before I get back outside and weed my flower garden, Yup feeling summer.